Matiko M. Machagge

Regional Technical Advisor, Tanzania

Matiko Machagge has over nine years of professional experience in pharmaceutical supply chain management (SCM) in Tanzania. He is well-versed and experienced in logistics system designs, SCM capacity building, and capacity development for human resources for public health SCM. He is an expert in curriculum writing and a master trainer for training of trainers. Matiko has also played a major role in the development and support of logistics systems implemented in Tanzania, including the antiretroviral and opportunistic infection logistics system, laboratory supplies logistics system, Tuberculosis and leprosy medicines logistics system, and integrated logistics system. He was instrumental in building capacity on SCM to Ministry of Health officials, district and regional health management teams, and health care workers. He has extensive field experience as part of the logistics management unit where his role was to strengthen data collection, integrity, and use at service delivery points for logistics decisions through implementing innovative solutions like the electronic logistics management information system and the ILSGateway. He has developed various standard operating procedures (SOPs) and tools for public health supply chain systems in Tanzania. Matiko has held various positions within the JSI Tanzania office from Public Health Logistics Advisor up to Director of Supply Chain Capacity Building.