Data for Decisionmaking

inSupply uses data analytics to improve quantification capacity and data quality, to establish a methodology and benchmarks for evaluating family planning accessibility, and to support global coordination and data sharing. The project mines existing global and national sources of data to better understand the link between procurement and availability of family planning products, and advocate for improvements to strengthen in-country supply chains to ensure products reach the intended recipients.

Vaccine Information Management System (VIMS)
inSupply continues the work initiated under the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT to develop and roll out a VIMS module in Tanzania. VIMS supports Tanzania’s eHealth Strategy to track vaccine and immunization commodities, cold chain assets, and routine immunization data from the facility level, through the districts, zonal, and national levels.
Implant Access Program (IAP)
IAP began in January 2013, as an initiative to improve upstream data visibility for contraceptive implant supply chains. inSupply is tapping in to the expertise of regional consultants and accessing in-country sources of data to create analytical frameworks and models to advocate more effectively for technical assistance in quantification, to better understand the effectiveness of in-country supply chains at delivering contraceptives to clients at the last mile, and to support managers in using this data to improve supply chain performance and availability. Learn more