Innovative Supply Chain Solutions

Reliable and efficient transportation of commodities to the last mile of the supply chain, be it rural health outposts or village-based community health workers, continues to pose a challenge in the vast majority of settings in sub-Saharan Africa. This is due to under-developed and weak infrastructure and geographic barriers associated with climate and terrain. While there are a range of proven management solutions that can help mitigate against transportation challenges, there remains a subset of commodities for which demand is unpredictable and the ability to rapidly resupply could help save lives.

Last Mile Distribution of Health Commodities with Zipline
Mobile technology can play a game-changing role in addressing poor telecommunications infrastructure to significantly improve data visibility for health sup­ply chains. In the same vein of exploring the transformative effect of technology on health supply chains, inSupply is partnering with Zipline to test the feasibility of aerial delivery system technology in improving the cost-effectiveness and availability of products by mitigating the difficulties caused by poor transportation and road infrastructure.