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How Dodoma IMPACT Teams are driving real change in their own communities 

Tanzania Immunization and Vaccine Development (IVD) program and partners are currently implementing the integrated Electronic Immunization System (EIS) with the ultimate goal of improving vaccine availability and potency. The system has two components: (1) a Vaccine Information Management System (VIMS) designed to capture and integrate information on routine immunization, cold chain equipment (CCE), and in country supply chain data at district and regional level to enable data triangulation for better decision making and (2) the Electronic Immunization Registry (EIR) at facility-level in which health workers can record all children from birth and automatically generate immunization schedules and reports. VIMS and EIR are connected through an interoperability layer that enables the decision makers at district, regional and national levels to access timely data across all levels and immunization domains through a paperless information system. Read More

Updates from inSupply – January 2017

inSupply launched our monthly newsletter this past January to keep stakeholders up to date on project achievements, new activities, and ongoing collaboration with our partners and clients. We will be adding our historical newsletters to our website over the coming weeks. Our January Newsletter can be found here. Please contact us if you would like to be added to the mailing list.

Beginning the Transition Process: IMPACT Leaders Cluster Meetings

After establishing and supporting county-level IMPACT Teams for the past nine months, inSupply began the process of transitioning IMPACT Team operational processes to leaders in the 10 focus counties. In February 2017, inSupply and the counties held a series of Leadership Cluster meetings which brought together the county IMPACT Leaders who were initially trained on the Leadership Initiative in June 2016, and were empowered to lead the IMPACT teams and support their monthly activities. The goal of the meeting was to improve county IMPACT leaders’ ability to plan for and facilitate monthly IMPACT team meetings, consistently use the data-driven process to facilitate achievement of targets and results, and sustain, and grow the IMPACT Team Network. Peer-to-peer learning is critical to the IMPACT Team approach and the meetings purposefully included a mix of counties to allow for greater collaboration and shared learning. The agenda was focused on the critical aspects that the .....Read More

Supporting UNFPA/JSI Reproductive Health (RH) Quantification Training

Facilitators L-R: Wambui Waithaka, Gregory Roche, Harrison Mariki, Barbara Lamphere In October 2016, Barbara Lamphere, Gregory Roche, Harrison Mariki, and Wambui Waithaka supported a quantification training of reproductive health (RH) commodity security advisors from Eastern and Southern Africa country offices in Johannesburg, South Africa. This was one of the two trainings that JSI conducted for UNFPA country pr ogram officers; the other training was conducted in Dakar, Senegal for French speaking countries. The main goal of the five day workshop was to build the participants’ capacity on quantification and supply chain strengthening processes so that they in turn can fully support their government counterparts in ensuring commodity security in their countries. The sessions covered topics such as logistics review, forecasting methodologies, and how to reconcile the various forecasts to come up with final estimated requirements. .....Read More

Regional Technical Advisor reflects on his recent trip to Kenya

In July 2016, I had the opportunity to go to Kenya to facilitate the roll out of IMPACT Team Network training. It was good timing as it also gave me the chance to work with the entire Kenya team and learn what more about the approach and how it is implemented. When on board my flight to Nairobi where I had not traveled for more than 20 years, I had a lot of questions on my mind. I contemplated how the Kenyan participants would react to being told now by a small Tanzanian guy to use the IMPACT Team approach to improve their supply chain, and at the same time, how I could learn from them. I needed to learn the approach so that I would be able to apply it later. Thinking about all of these things made the short flight even shorter. I landed safely in Nairobi and drove with .....Read More